Tao Student Refer Earn Offer – Free Notebooks, Electronics & Bags 


Tao Student App Offer

Get Free Notebooks, Electronics, and Bags from Tao Student App Offer

Tao Student App Offer, Tao Student App Self Earn Program, Tao App Refer & earn: Today I am here with an interesting offer from Tao App. You can win Prizes by watching short videos in Tao App and by participating in funny quizzes.  Tao Student App Offer Inspire your inner artist by entering challenges and you have to participate and complete the tasks to win Free Rewards from this Tao Student App Offer. Read this full post and know everything about how to get Rewards from Tao Student App Offer. About Tao Student App: Tao is the first student app in India, which enables the users to Participate in Quizzes, upload and watch short videos and Win Amazing Prizes. Download this app and use it daily and improve your learning and growing up by following your Passion too. 

Every student can start using this app and watch videos and upload videos and more tasks and get Free Notebooks, Bags, and Electronics. Participate in mini Olympiads by uploading your entries for extracurricular activities and participating in multiple-choice quizzes.


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How to Get Free Notebooks, Electronics, and Bags from Tao Student App Offer?

1. First of all, you need to download and install the Tao App through the link provided below.

2. Open the app and skip the Introduction section by swiping on the screen to the left side and then clicking on the GET STARTED button.

6. Then Enter the details like Student Name, School Name, Class and Date of Birth and also give the Referral Code of Tao App and complete your profile section.

Tao Student App Offer

Referral Code of Tao App is – FQN0NF4

Tao Student App Offer

7.  After successful completion of Sign up, go to the Dashboard and check in your Tao App wallet you will get 100 Tao Coins as a Signup Bonus.

8. You will also get Free Premium Subscription to Tao App for one month, you can use this free subscription and watch short videos and participate in quizzes.

9. To play Quizzes, go to the home page and here play quizzes and join free challenges and earn more Tao Coins.

Tao Student App Offer

10. You have to go to the Tao Store and here you can withdraw your Tao Coins in the form of Books, Bags, and other Electronic things.

11. You can also earn by referring others, you can refer your friends and family by sharing your referral link and you will get 100 Tao Coins per each successful Referral.

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